Minister of Housing: A copy of the Maadi area of ​​200 acres in the new Beni Suef

The Board of Directors of the New Urban Communities Authority approved the allocation of a land area of ​​200 acres in the 14th district of the southern extension in the new city of Beni Suef to the Maadi Development and Construction Company to establish an integrated urban project like Maadi


New Maadi Project

Tmutira of "Maadi for Development and Reconstruction," to take advantage of available growth opportunities in the Maadi area managed Maadi Company for Development and Reconstruction of the establishment of the new Maadi project, which consists of eleven portion a total area of 503 acres, equivalent to equivalent to 612 816 4 Square meters almost featuring 1568 a piece of land housing, where streets and parks operated by about 48% of the total area is a high-end suburban excellence where the dream became omnes to live in due to its peace and the greenery and elevations, mostly with a limited rise condominium with a maximum of four roles of the company has built 80% of the land housing containing about 17,000 residential units were sold in full


Tigris Maadi Project

Established Maadi Development Company One and reconstruction of the largest real estate projects in the history of Egypt, where he was to start the project in 1994 and work was extended to the project for up to 8 years at a total cost of up to 110 million pounds, which was delivered last phase of the project in 2003. The project includes part V of the Tigris Maadi, which adjoins an area of 46 acres, equivalent to 196,000 square meters nautical main Zahra Street and overlooking from the east on highway Egypt Heliopolis Helwan the project consists of 159 plots of land, the Maadi establishment of 43 apartment building containing 655 housing units were completely sold out, as has established trading market of ground floor includes 58 shop has been completely sold


Zahraa – Maadi Project

Maadi Company for Development and Reconstruction designed ZahraaMaadi project to make them quiet, clean pollution-free air, has been taken into account in the overall planning of the city to widen enough for the streets, as well as green spaces that give the city a sort of joy, and takes into account the availability of all public services and entertainment. Where they were to start the project in 1989 and work was extended to the project for a period of six years at a total cost of up to 140 million pounds, which was delivered last phase of the project in 1995. ZahraaMaadi City is an extension of the suburb of Maadi from the east and arrive suburb of Maadi currently Katameya Road - Ain Sokhna and the Western Alotostorad road and north of the Ring road and the south side promenade. The draft ZahraaMaadi City on 1785 housing units with architectural designs which operates upscale green spaces% of the total project area of the city and is characterized by a network of roads allows the city to be linked to road network to the major cities of the Republic without penetrating traffic jams.