Strategic Objectives

The company aims in the coming period to raise human resources efficiencies and stimulatestaff and the restructuring of the company through classification, count, re-qualification, the training of youth and making the second grade and concerning on continuous Internal communication.

As our desire to make the company leading in Egyptian market, We seek For more development And expansion through the completion of current projects and completed with different thinking about the various modern designs and building Bank of Lands. The company also plans to form Strategic Partnerships.

The company aims to promote the brand and change the sales policy as well as automating sales and marketing internal network and the work of a media office to communicate inside and outside the company.

The company aimed at developing long - term plan Supportedby cash flowsto achieve Finance Sustainability and diversify Resources Funding.


Maadi Company for Development and Reconstruction aspired to become one of the five most successful Real estate developmentcompanies in Egypt and the Middle East and the expansion in field of real estate investment and targeted sectors to achieve higher volume of work and the profits and put the company in a position proportionalto its history.