Fostat Project

The city of Fustat

City Fustat with historic character of an ancient region (the capital of Fatimid Egypt) surrounded by the city after the historical value of sites and tourism (Amr Ibn El-Aas Mosque - outstanding - Church Civilizations Museum) Family sophisticated residential community in a central location within the city of Cairo, luxury buildings surrounded by gardens and Integrated Services, Ti_ml city of Fustat, the three neighborhoods to ensure the privacy of the place and the convenience of residents

Prime location

A privileged location in the heart of Cairo, just a few minutes from the main roads (Nile Corniche - the ring road) and just 10 minutes from Nasr City and Heliopolis

Site optimization for housing household

Fustat spread over an area of 800 acres, including a 40% green spaces and various services and places of entertainment featuring upscale city architectural designs are also available by the streets of the networks very carefully scheme allows you to drive as safe as you can enjoy the gardens Almmtddh within the city.